Lifestyle Bathrooms ( Queensland, Australia)


We engaged Lifestyle Bathrooms to renovate our main bathroom and ensuite. At the time we were not living in the house so Lifestyle Bathrooms had free access to the house for the construction. The experience started off well but due to the fact that there didn't seem to be any one person managing the project and the left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing, the experience soon became a nightmare. We eventually gave Lifestyle Bathrooms the date of which we were moving into our home (some 5 weeks after signing the contract). We were assured that although the bathrooms would not be complete, at least one bathroom would be completed in time for us to use once we moved in. On the day that we moved in, we found that neighter bathroom was useable. Although the bath and shower were installed in the main bathroom, there were no taps and no basin. Although Lifestyle Bathrooms were fully aware of our move in date, no one from the company called us to make sure everything was in order for us. Instead we called Lifestyle Bathrooms the day after we moved in and we had to tell them that there were no taps in the bathroom that they assured us would be completed enough for us to use. They obviously didn't know where they were up to in the bathroom renovation. There was suddenly a flurry of activity but the main bathroom was still not ready for us to use until 4 days after we moved in and the ensuite was not ready for 8 days after we moved in. The final stage of the bathroom renovatin was for the shower screen to be installed in the ensuite. We were told this would be installed on Saturday. Saturday morning we arrived home after shopping to find the shower screen half installed. We had arranged the day before to meet a staff member of Lifestyle Bathrooms at 12pm at our house to do the final handover and payment. Two staff members arrived at 12.45pm (45 minutes late) to advise us that the shower screen had been cut incorrectly and now would not be installed until the following Tues or Wed but they wanted payment immediately. When I advised them that this job had been dragging on too long (it had been 6 weeks (30 workiing days) instead of 4 weeks (20 working days)) and that we had now been living in the house for a week without the bathrooms finished and that I was not going to make the final payment until the job was fully complete, the Lifestyle Bathroom staff were not happy. I advised Lifestyle Bathrooms that we were happy with the end product, that all the tradesmen were nice, but the service provided by Lifestyle Bathrooms was a nightmare. At no time did anyone call us to follow-up, to keep us informed of any delays, or to just ask us if we were happy with the workmanship so far. We had tradesmen tell us to tell other tradesmen problems with the work. We were given incorrect timelines for choosing tiles. Once Saturday we were told we had until the following Thursday to choose the tiles. We were then told earlier in the week that if the tiles weren't delivered by the following Monday, that that would cause a delay to the job. We had allowances for the products for the bathroom. When we got the bill, some of the products cost more than our agreed allowance. Some of these extra costs were not approved by us prior to installation. The boss of Lifestyle Bathrooms who was our main contact was arrogant and rude. He talked over the top of us and didn't listen to what we said.

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