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i just signed up in hostzilla but i didnt know that im going to pay for my account and now they are charging me to pay $257 like that when i saw my invoice i just decided to cancel it but i cant are they still force me to pay for it they have my info when i signed up please need a little help need you answer thanks

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Hostzilla is also the scam product of Unlimitedgb, for more details please visit

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Hostzilla have no way of taking money from your bank account. It is possible that you placed an order for web hosting and were billed for it through PayPal, 2Checkout or SWReg, but in either case you would have had to specifically authorise the purchase and the payment processor would effect the debit to your payment card or account.

You do not specify why you think that this hosting company has 'scammed' you, and you (perhaps deliberately) don't give any identifying information so we have no way of assisting you with whatever has upset you. If you require assistance with your account or have a problem with your billing, please contact our support desk which is standing by to assist you, and our thousands of other customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please note that all the address details you have posted for "Mitch Sanders" are not correct or current for anyone who works at Hostzilla.

Hostzilla is the worlds Authority Provider in Traffic Hosting. No other web hosting company actually helps you make money. Working with Hostzilla is like a dream. Whether it be Traffic Hosting, CPA Hosting or even your own VPS, Hostzilla is there to help customers reach their goals and expectations.

Our goal is to provide outstanding services for the best possible price. To achieve these goals we are constantly innovating and upgrading our services at no additional cost to our customers. Come and join the legion of elite website owners that have already chosen HostZilla and see how we can help you with your site and your online business.

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They took money out of my bank account a total of $327.16

I've gathered more information about this SCAM Company
This website is owned and operated by Mitch Sanders an Australian Scammer currently living at APT 18, 616 PROSPECT ST., LA JOLLA, CA 92037 US.

He has been scamming thousands, since the year 2007 see this full report...

See him representing his company HOSTZILLA : (The Man in the Black Suit - Standing Left) (The Man in the Black Suit - Standing Right)

The scammer's full address could be found in the whois information from the domains and

Admin Street: APT 18
Admin Street: 616 PROSPECT ST
Admin City: LA JOLLA
Admin State/Province: CALIFORNIA
Admin Postal Code: 92037
Admin Country: US

I assume HOSTZILLA is his new SCAM VENTURE... see...

Before HOSTZILLA he had been SCAMMING FaceBook users... see...

I will post more information and images in the upcoming weeks, I actually have some cool things to share.

(Traffic Hosting Spam, Scam Complaints, Hostzilla Limited Reviews, hostzilla scamming internet users)

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I signed up with hostzilla and purchases their program. I purchased a domain name and recieved help with it. Ifound the site confusing. I sent an email witha question. I recieved a stock answer. The solution given did not answer the question. I asked the question again phrased differently. I waited. No answer. Meanwhile the 15 day refund period had passed. I sent two more emails. I was unable to get my bullet points done on the website. The swipe link for the autoresponse emails did'nt work either. Neither of these two emails were ever answered. I gave plenty of time to get an answer. After almost two weeks of waiting for an answer I requested a refund. With incredable speed I recieved an answer a short time later that same day. I was told that my account was past the first 15 days of service. I would get no refund. I feel not answering requests for help is unacceptable. Running out the clock to keep from returning funds is Totally unacceptable. Failing to treat the customer with proper respect is Totally unacceptable. Thank You , for letting me tell my story.

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Thanks to all who reported problems with Hostzilla. I was about to fall for their scam when I was taken there thru an "affiliate" program that promised to help me make money online. Your reviews saved me from signing up with them. When I "googled" "hostzilla" there were nothing but rave reviews, I could smell something fishy, I only found real reviews when I searched for "hostzilla refund". Thanks again!

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I want to call for class action in regards of scam. I was prompted to purchase hosting services and a domain name which came free with the services on February 23, 2013. I purchased Hostzilla's hosting for $249.77. The only contact from was by email on the same date, providing me with my receipt number and information that billing was provided by and sold by ecommerce re-seller Sold by an e-commerce reseller at

After a couple days not getting any information how to activate my domain name, I went to website to look for support: Following the procedure, i have filled out two tickets: one asking how to activate my domain and another one asking for refund for hosting services. Hostzilla's policy is 15-day refund and respond to my tickets within 24-48 hours. Guess what: today is March 6, 3013, it has been 14 days since my purchase, and I HAVEN'T HEARD yet neither from support department, no from their billing department!... I am not falling a prey to 15-day refund expiration, if this is what they are doing - trying to drag the matter beyond 15 days. Since I have not heard from them within refund time, as per US laws, the 15-days refund policy will not be expired tomorrow! And I am going to fight for myself and for other people who got burned by!

In a meantime, I have done my research: I have investigated not only, but also and - neither of the three companies provide official phone numbers, only offers "support" by email. When you go to website, you end up in DigitalRiver website, and when you go to wensite, you end up in website - it all goes round and round. The entire set up suggests a foul intent just to trap the customer, wear him or her down, so that they think of dropping the matter whatsoever...

Hovewer, i found SWREG Inc. phone number in this public domain website:
According to this website, SWREG Inc. ,Founded in 1987, contact info is as follows:
9625 West 76th Street
Suite 150
Eden Prairie, MN 55344
United States
Phone: 952-253-1234
Fax: 952-674-4444

So, tonight I called the number 952-253-1234 and talked to a lady called Jin 878326, and asked her how do I go about my refund. She advised me to go to and look for my refund, which I did. When I clicked on provided link "I want my refund", it took me again to, to the landing page, where I was guided to input my card number with its expiration date and my order number. There was no button "Submit", the only buttons there were "Search" and "Cancel". So, I pressed the button "search", and guess what - my order was not found!!! Unbelievable!... How about more foul intent?... lol

So, I called Jin again and told her that my order was not found. In addition, I told her that I am a professional lady and know how law works in the United States. I told her that I am going to see lawyer tomorrow and I will gather all other people who were scammed by hostzilla/swreg/cardquery/DigitalRiver and such in order to file a class action lawsuit against the conglomerate and its owners/officers. Well, at this point Jin said, that she is going to submit a ticket on my behalf to ask for refund. I asked her why she did not do the first time, and she said that she has instructions to guide callers to go first to (which does not work... lol). She also advised me that I have to wait again for 2-3 business days for the response. I told her that it is 14th day today from my purchase date and asked her how about 15-day refund policy, since in 2-3 business days it will already be beyond 15 days? She could not answer me to that question, but assured me that my request will be taken care of. I told her that I want my refund in full in the amount of $249.77, with (1) no monies taken out for my domain since I cannot use that domain anyway, and (2) no monies taken for any "installation" or "services" as it is fine-printed on website, since from legal perspective there were no services provided whatsoever...

I have a call scheduled on my calendar to call Jin again on March 9, if I don't get my refund until then. And I am going to check my email address tomorrow, to see if any of the above-mentioned companies are going to email any info in regards of my request. After all, they found my email address and emailed to me receipt number, when they wanted to take my money from my credit card... lol

I am publishing this long story to show everybody scammed out there that you can get your refund - at least, I know I can get mine... lol In a meantime, plz, look for Via Gi on Facebook, if you are ready to join me in a class action against and such... Looking forward talking to you on Fb!

(To Be Continued)

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Upsell after upsell and now we are at a full stop..the free hosting. No thanks.!!

I want my refund. I went for the first,sell,$67.00, then the second , then the more. refund please

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I'm a Hostzilla customer and have been since late 2011. They are a hosting company (not a 'guru' course) and not directly connected to any other vendor (confirmed by their management, I asked), though they do have affiliates promoting their service, just like Amazon do, for example.

In fact I was introduced to them by one of their affiliates (who I had bought some video training from). Hostzilla do offer a 15 day money back guarantee which sounds short, but they say after that time the affiliate's commission has been paid out which would make it difficult to retrieve the money. To be fair though, that guarantee limit is right there in the Terms of Business before you commit, so it's not really a surprise if you've taken the time to read the (comparatively short) TOS.

I've found the support to be excellent, quick to respond, no problems getting help with my hosting and the uptime has been great. For the money I don't believe you could do a lot better really. I think many people just get into a buying frenzy, don't pay attention and will buy anything they are told to without stopping and thinking about it, or even properly reading the details before they click the buy button. (Goodness knows I've done it myself, on several occasions, so I know how it is). I can't see how anyone who actually needed web hosting, and knew what it was and what it was for, would have any problems with Hostzilla. I haven't anyway.

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Thank God for you guys. I started down the Publishers Clearing House like sign up path with SWA 24hrs. ago. I balked at the Hostzilla point... there seemed to be no end to it.

Your site confirmed my suspicions, and after turning down several alternate proposals by SWA I got confirmation of my $348 refund authorization.

Hope this helps the next guy.

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I'm in complete agreement! I had the exact same experience with Hostzilla. Success With Anthony told me I HAD to have hosting with Hostzilla for his "great" money making system to work. I was forced to buy a domain from them and hosting among other expensive upsells of tools I "had" to have... and then I was told I needed to buy coaching from Professional Marketing International ($6000), when I tried to get my money back from Success With Anthony and Professional Marketing International they put me off for 3 weeks... they have finally agreed to refund me (but I have not seen the money yet) however, Hostzilla refuses to refund me because it's been over 15 days. I feel like a fool for falling for such a SCAM. Hostzilla could care less.

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Brain Host is owned by Vincent Edward Fisher, Mark Warren Jenney, and Victor J. Bierman III. They have been involved in a number of schemes and a number of law suits over the last few years.

127 Complaints 71 Comments $646, 892 Total Reported Damages

Brain Host also owns:
My Creative Site Designs -
Free Website -
Purely Hosting -
Innovative Site Creations -

If you've been scammed, report it to the FTC -

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HOSTZILLA's "SCAM HOSTING" is FORMED EXCLUSIVELY "FOR GURU's" and "BY GURU's" Pay attention to this-- when the Customer Service gets so bad that it Mesmerizes you... STOP and smell the coffee. HostZilla's Customer Service is so bad it's HORRIFIC! They ignore support tickets, email you snotty notes and they even emailed me a FULL PAGE of instructions on how to "reconfigure" something in my cPanel!! Just because I put a support ticket in when my squeeze page wouldn't upoad. PEOPLE PLEASE LOOK at this with clear eyes. It's as simple as this.... HostZilla only caters to GURU's that download cheap programs that never work and sell them to people who are wishing so badly to establish a Home Based Business. Then that DIRTY GURU forces you "the Customer" to ONLY use HostZilla as your Hosting Provider with a bunch of lies as to why you HAVE to use HostZilla ONLY to Host your Domain for this PROGRAM and NOW the Customer is forced to BUY a new Domain Registration with HostZilla also. Then HostZilla treats you like garbage if you need customer support! It's all one big SCAM! They are all working together and feeding each other off of OUR little bit of money and NOW their flocking around our Senior Citizen's like wolves PANTING for their little bit of Soc Sec! Some people are finally waking up to the damage being done and finally speaking out and I was in that business for only a yeqar and if I can BRING THEM ALL DOWN I'M GOING TO DIE TRYING! Come on! Let's get together! All the social sites are already buzzing about HostZilla's lack of CS SKILLS and the SCAMS they push FRAUDULENTLY at you! And most of the problems are coming from Management! HELLO!!!! That should tell you right there it's one big SCAM as it is also with BRAINHOST! The money switching hands is nothing but THEFT - FRAUD and GURU SCAM GREED! People please the CUSTOMER SERVICE IS BAD BECAUSE THEY DO NOT CARE!! You can cancel tomorrow and another sucker will come along and buy into their lies. And you do it over and over and over. You try not to lose your faith in humanity but the only way you're going to do that is by STAYING AWAY! HOLD on to your wallet! And when you get the opportunity - BE A WHISTLE BLOWER!!!!!

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